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Chris Crêpes

Dear Valued Customer,

We get a lot of requests for smaller events that don’t use us do to the minimum, so we have created another menu package designed specifically for smaller groups of 10-40 people. It is “Crepes” and it is more of a dessert menu.

What You Get:

 We set-up and serve interactively Chris Crepes for two hours (half an hour of set-up and prep is included in the two hours). The only things we need from you is access to water, electricity, and two 8’ tables. We will provide the crepes, main fillings, flavored drizzles, and whipped cream and fun! We will also provide the plates, napkins, forks and knives.

Chris Crêpes Favorites

Banana & Nutella

Cheesecake with 1 choosen pie filling (strawberry, blueberry, rasberry)

Lemon Juice & Powdered Sugar

We are still introducing this menu and getting the word out to promote it. The price is $250 for two hours plus a flat $35 delivery fee in the Louisville/So. Indiana metro area.

We can make a crepe about every 2 minutes, so we average about 35 crepes during the serve time (you are charged per hour, not by the number of crepes made). Having people stagger in would be ideal. This would be perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, but we are happy to come whenever it is convenient for you.

It is a little different than pancakes, but a whole lot sweeter with a smaller fee. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you for thinking of Chris Crepes!